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9 Moorhouse Ln
Birkenshaw, England, BD11 2BA
United Kingdom

About Us

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

نحن ننتج ماركة عالية الجودة ومتوفرة باسعار مناسبة تناسب كل الامكانيات. منتجاتنا نباتية خالية من الجلوتين ولا قسوة فيها. نصنع منتجاتنا يدويا اكتبي دايما الي حفظها طبيعية لتطوير البشرة. نحن نري ان المكياج اداة للتعبير عن الذوق والابداع الداخلي في اعماقنا.  ليست هناك. قوانين محددة. لذا لا تخافي من التجربة ولا تنسي انك لو اخطات مرة فيمكنك مسح المكياج بسهولة والمحاولة مرة اخري. لا تدعي اي شخص يقول لك خلاف ذلك.


How the brand begun.

My passion for makeup started at a young age, I used to sit and watch my aunties applying their makeup and it fascinated me, I loved the way you could create art on the skin. As I grew this passion simply grew which is when I decided to become a makeup artist. I used to always get frustrated that I could never find the exact shade I was after or the exact finish I was searching for. I then began mixing eyeshadows, pressed powders, glitters, pigments, anything I had to create the shades I had envisaged in my head. I began using these on both myself and clients however I was still limited as I was only able to go as far as what products I had this is when Alia Collyns Cosmetics was born. After two years of research, trialling and testing I have finally created a range of products I want to share with the world. I have used my extensive multi-cultural background as an influence for the colours, textures and aromas of the products. I have also used a lot of my science and nutrition background to help provide a range of products that will not only be makeup they will also help increase skin vitality.
We, at Alia Collyns Cosmetics believe makeup is a tool for people to express their inner creativity, there are no rules, you do you and never be afraid to give it a go. Remember if you make a mistake or at the end of the day it can all be wiped off. Please never let anyone tell you otherwise
Love Alia Collyns

The brand.

Our aim at ACC is to provide a range of products that are affordable, easy to work with and enough colours to let your imagination run wild with ideas. whether it's the first time you have picked up a makeup brush or if you are an expert make up artist we have products to suit you. As a brand we aim to keep every product as natural as possible, we are a cruelty free brand with vegan, paraben free products.
Our key ingredient

We have a specific ingredient we have in included in all our products (minus the loose pigments and glitters). This product is currently an extremely popular health supplement. It is a natural product which has been popular in the USA for many years but has only recently become both available and popular in the United Kingdom and is gaining increasing popularity worldwide. This product is a fantastic source of antioxidants helping protect the skin from free radicals which in turn will help fight the effects of aging.Other benefits include acne prevention properties, helps moisturise the skin, and help eliminate any inflammation. We will be revealing the ingredient on the launch day, however, if you think you either know what the ingredient is, or would simply like to know more head over to our social media pages where we will be running a competition to guess the key ingredient.